Monday, March 22, 2010

The Dog Days of NOW

It was like Christmas. We loaded into the car, en route for LAX. We were all so tired of waiting! I got to the Baggage Services Office, after waiting in line..I was in the wrong line. Of course. a half hour wasted. Then I got to Priority Parcel Service, the right place, only to be told I had to wait for a half-hour to an hour after the flight came in. Augh. More waiting!

We killed time by taking the kids to the bathroom following a lengthy stroll, and ordering some way-too-sweet coffee at some fly-by-night in-terminal coffee front store. And then walked slooooowly back to the office. Our waiting was over. There she was. After a flight from Illinois to LAX, she was finally ours.

Introducing.. Poppyfield Merriwether.. "Poppy." Our 10 week old Newfoundland puppy who is sleeping at my feet as I write this. It's a whole new world. The kids are beyond thrilled, although JBean was upset that "she can't play yet?! Why not? She can't fetch a ball? I want to PLAY with her!" Gentle reminders that she was still a baby and not only that, had been through quite a stressful day fell on deaf ears. She was sad and a little disappointed. I also think she was tired, too. Tomorrow she will feel better as she gets to know Poppy.

JBear, ever Mr. Eloquence said, "Hey, if we already have Perry the Pee-er (referring to the cat who sometimes forgets to use the litterbox because she is insane) and now we have Poppy the Pooper!" Gee, thanks for that son. Ever colorful, I can always count on you.

And I? I will be playing all-night puppy walker for a while. Just think of her as the baby I ain't gonna have. Here we go!

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T, who feels like a little girl again, except the dog is my responsibility

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5 sent chocolate:

Anonymous said...

Look at that face!!!!

(Um, did you get a corral? You *do* know newfies grow bigger than kitties, right?) ;)

NSGIRL said... cute! Dogs are wonderful!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

What a cutie! Let's hope she had a better flight than I did...

Tony Letts said...

I want her!

Spot said...

We got to foster a newfie for awhile. They are fabulous dogs!! Lucky you!


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