Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Maybe if I pack a lot of Xanax

This time tomorrow I will, with all good luck, be in NYC, hopefully in my hotel. Asleep. I have to be up at the ass-crack of dawn, but thankfully, Starbucks is open then. I was worried for a bit, JNerd said they were closed that early, but it turns out they understand that vampires like their coffee before the sun rises.

I will continue to blog, never fear. Wish me luck, and let's hope I am not like this guy:

I am not hugely afraid of flying, but it isn't my favorite thing to do. So I hope it goes well. I am already frustrated over paying for my ticket and THEN paying another $25 for my baggage. It's ridiculous. I could see if I was only flying a short distance, but coast to coast? They have to expect people to bring luggage! I am tired of the skinflinty cost-cutting that airlines do.

Still, it remains the best way to travel, so we all put up with the crap. Right? I am a bit worried about my puppy. She is forlorn. Following me all over the house, I know she must know something is up. Sad that I know the kids will be ok, yet am worried about the dog. What does that say about me?

T, who needs to be in bed!

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