Sunday, August 15, 2010

So I think I am dying

Why is it I just can't party like it's 1999? I mean, when I do, I get SICK. It's so unfair. Last year, after BlogHer? Sick. Fly to New Zealand, come home? Sick. And now? NYC... and came home.. sick. The difference is, I am pretty sure this was my daughter's doing. She came home from Kenya and she was sick.

I just can't party and bullshit the way I used to. My body doesn't bounce back the way it did back when I was...well, when I was 21. I am exhausted. And of course, the kids don't help. Why is it when momma is under the weather, the kids act out and don't sleep? As I write this, my son is still awake. It is going on midnight. I simply don't have the energy to fight with him. He is 11 and thinks he doesn't have to listen over little things like bedtime. And I guess, to me, that is kind of true. I am a night owl, JNerd is a night owl, doesn't it make sense that we would give birth to other nocturnal-living humans?

So my cap off to an exciting weekend was hot tea with lemon and honey and True Blood. Sadly. Next comes canasta? Retirement home in South Florida? Party and bullshit, people. I am not ready to quit, yet.

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