Thursday, August 12, 2010

I would write about it, but I can't remember it! (What happened at BlogHer?)

It is impossible to tell you everything that happened at BlogHer and not have you

  1. be confused
  2. laugh a lot
  3. lose complete respect for me

Besides I have no idea how to explain it all, much of it was a blur of jam-packed days, late nights, mornings that came way too early (as in, a couple of hours) and then get up to start all over again. Just know that BlogHer is about staying out late, and when you are in the City That Never Sleeps? never sleep. (See what I did there?)

When you are hanging with the greatest people on earth (I am not biased) that you only see maybe twice a year (if lucky), who wants to waste time sleeping? I mean, really. So I did very little of that which is really nothing new for me anyway. You all know I am half-vampire.

So, how do I explain BlogHer?

  • It's headed to your room completely exhausted, then getting a phone call and finding the energy to go out for just one drink. Until 5 a.m.
  • It's fighting tears as you listen to some of the strongest women who have dealt with adversity, and then laughing through them as @looneytunes says that "People aren't assholes." and then @anissamayhew responds, "Yes, they are." (guess you had to be there)

  • It's always having somewhere to be: lunch, seat saved during session, an after party somewhere else, so grab the caffeine and keep going, friends are waiting and they aren't getting any younger!
  • It's sponsor parties, and pedi-cabs and taxi cabs...halfway across the city for a pink-iced cupcake and the chance to say you were at that party.
  • It's food on the run, and tiny appetizers for dinner, $20 deli sandwiches and more booze than you (yes, even you!) can drink.
  • It's bloggers in various states of undress, and pictures being hidden from the public stream.(it wasn't me, I swear)
  • It's unplanned meetings and late-night breakfasts of omelets and bagels and lox
  • It's Sparklecorny, as you dance your ass off on the last night, knowing that in a few hours it will all be over. Bittersweet to say the least
  • It's eating McDonald's cheeseburgHers that in other circumstances you wouldn't touch. And? They taste good.

  • It's pictures and more pictures and overheard: If we are going to all be in bed together, I should at least know who you are."
  • it's having dinner and seeing a show, a carriage ride around Times Square and a couple of cougar catchers who cop a feel while taking a group picture. (again, not me)

  • It's running into New Yorkers who want to take us to where the party is, and they know all the best
  • it's discovering street meat..which is not nearly as dirty as it sounds

So that's what Blogher is. But the thing that trumps it all? Spending time with your friends. People who are near and dear, and that you love. THAT is what makes Blogher, I think. Yes, there are other conferences, and parties and get-togethers. But the people are what make BlogHer. I miss them all, already.

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