Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've Never Done This Before, What Will People Think? - PR Spotlight

I haven't done this before, and I am sort of nervous. I know, there comes a day when you have to just, jump in. Because, everybody is doing it. But really, I have no idea what to do...and what if I get laughed at? Or worse, everyone finds out how inept I was, and it becomes the talk of the lunchroom! AHEM. Sorry, high school flashbacks from long, long ago...


My friend Adrienne is co-hosting this PR Spotlight thing with Tara, and well, I decided there's no time like the's now or never. Strike while the iron is hot. (And can I get any more really bad cliches in this post? I bet I could, but I will take pity upon you.)

Hi! You want to know who I am. So here goes. I am a writer, first and foremost. It is in my blood. I get up at night to take notes and my Posts in Progress folder is full of ideas and half-written witty posts that I will eventually publish to this blog. I am a mom of a teenager who is probably more brilliant than I am. I have two kids with high-functioning autism, and I homeschool all three of them. They don't define me. I have been married for almost twenty years to my best friend and tech support, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He doesn't define me either. So how do I define myself?

I write. My blog is over three years old, and I write about life, but I don't take it too seriously. I focus on autism, homeschooling and whatever else comes along. I am probably not as funny as I think I am. (but still pretty funny) I have good regular traffic, and almost 4,000 followers on twitter. I am PG-13 for the most part. I will not represent anything I don't believe in, or that doesn't fit with my blog. If we have a working relationship, know that you will be fairly and accurately represented with integrity.

I run a few sites, namely, this one, which is my primary blog. I also have a community blog, I founded, Autism Sucks. Other blogs I write are Sweet Schoolin' (homeschool product reviews) Sweet Talkin' (product reviews) and Geek 4 Kids, together with my children, products and information for kids who can't fight the geek DNA from their parents. I am the LA Special Needs Kids Examiner, and the TypeAMom Special Needs Parenting Editor, as well.

I am passionate about social media, and am an autism advocate for my children and for parents. I am a connector for parents, especially when they are dealing with autism and don't know where to turn. I very much want to help to equip other parents and caregivers in dealing with autism.

Special Needs families are a segment that PR is missing, because we are very loyal when it comes to products and services. My son is gluten-free and casein free and when we find products that work for him? We continue to use them. Due to sensory issues, I don't change products often. When I find something we love? We keep it!

I am very interested in homeschool products, special needs products, geeky stuff and toys for older kids. I love to do focus groups and really want to tell you what I think. I don't sugar coat things, I say what I think. Let's talk!

I am active in the community and have attended BlogHer the last two years. I am excited to see what social media is becoming, and hope to be in the mix as it continues to evolve.

You can contact me at

T, who says it's nice to meet you!

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5 sent chocolate:

Tony Letts said...

Your friends already knew this - now you'll have lots of new friends who will too :)

Thoughts of a Mommy said...

Wow, Kudos on the post!

Muskrat said...

You're busy. Even moreso than I thought, apparently. So, did you write this to advertise what you know in case you're approached for a PR or reviews gig? I'm a little slow on Fridays.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I learnt a few new things about you from this. :)

What a great idea!

califmom said...

Gee, is that all you do? ;-)

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