Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Like BlogHer, For Chocolate

I admit it, I love chocolate. Yeah, not exactly a newsflash, but there you go. I especially love dark chocolate. As those who love dark chocolate will attest, you have to take the bitter with the sweet. The opening notes of that first bite of deep, dark chocolate produce a sweet note on your tongue, but quickly gives way to an explosion of bitter that threatens to permeate your senses. To alleviate it, take another brick truckload bite of the chocolate. And so, I am ready to talk about the last night of Blogher. wait, don't leave! I swear this will be the LAST post about Blogher!

It has taken me this long to write about it, because, Saturday night was exactly like the chocolate I describe. I had a wonderful time, it was the best night of the conference. But it did come at a price. Let me back up. The Party du Jour was BowlHer, a PR fest off-site at a local bowling alley. Proceeds for the tip jars and t-shirts sold went to Autism Speaks, so of course, we had to attend. Also, isn't it fun to have your name on The List, even if almost everyone else is on the List, too? We got our wristbands and our hot pink boas and headed up the escalators to the bowling alley. We decided to skip the red carpet, because, personally? I have NO desire to be famous and see my ass profile from a thousand different angles. It proved to be a wise decision, when we got inside and found that the pictures everyone was aping for were being broadcast in giant-screen glory. Phew! Dodged that bullet!

Lucky Strike is not your father's bowling alley. It is upscale, with billiards and bowling (of course!), and an attached bar. The lights are low, and the atmosphere is decidedly that of a cocktail lounge. Much of the noise that keeps me out of conventional bowling alleys is muted if you stick to the bar. (That's not to say the music wasn't deafeningly loud, but then, most bars have that issue, anyway.) Since there was free beer and wine, naturally, I had to have a pomegranate martini. Because? That's just me. I don't drink beer, unless it is Guinness.

Amy & Astacia

Califmom made use of her Go Girl, (no, I am not kidding, that thing really does exist) and I hung with her and her and of course, her.(and him) Lots of laughter, and a couple of rounds to be had by all. A lap around the place and a stop to pick up the really awesome bowling bag-inspired swag bag (small, leopard print purse, that I LOVE) and then it was off to the CheeseburgHer party.

This year, it was held in the Presidential Suite, bitches! And it was wall-to-wall peeps, and it was hot. Yeah, hot as in, gotta be there but mostly hot as in, Lord, I must be going through menopause, ack, I need a cold shower, there's a lot of bodies crammed into this place! We were headed out, but took a wrong turn should have stopped for the map and ended up deeper in the bedroom instead of at the exit. Found some people we knew so we hung out in the Presidential bedroom, and really? Does that not have to be tweeted? I thought so, too.

While we were there, the party did not get busted, though I heard it was busted later. (See, that's the point.)

1) bag on head
2) eat cheeseburger
3)security shows up to impromptu party and throws everyone out.

Good time had by all. Since it was so crowded, we headed to the Chi-Bar for drinks, and I met miss britt and avitable, who, I am warning you now, has a site not for the faint-hearted. Adam is one of the most down to earth, kinda quiet, just genuine guys you will ever meet. Just meeting him? You would never know his testicles are famous. Miss Britt was a whole lot of fun tucked into a small package. (guys, the way into her pants heart is by reciting Shakespeare. Shhh!) I met Nancy, and ran into one of my favorite people, Lex. And I met church punk mom and Aman, both great people. It was my pleasure to finally meet Schmutzie and her husband, Aidan, the palindrome.

Because, I had a great time, hanging out with new and old friends, (and the remains of a bottle of bubbly that someone sent to our table when they left,) apparently, we were all knee-deep in conversation when another friend came over, said hello (though I didn't see her) and felt slighted and ignored. Because of how I grew up, I am the last person to want anyone to feel that way, but the damage was done. She was ticked, and made it clear. We'll get back to that in a moment.

After last call, some of us went to the lobby and did the late-night conversation thing that we are known for. We headed to bed around 4:30 a.m. Normal mode of operations at BlogHer.

Push came to shove, and through a series of events I still don't understand and can't process, based upon the earlier bar encounter, I lost someone I considered a dear friend. I now see that wasn't really the case, at least not on her side. Things were said to me that I wouldn't even let my husband say and get away with if he wanted to keep his um..equipment and I believe we are better off not being friends. I wish her well in her endeavors, and I don't hate her or hold her anger against her, though I don't accept or own it. Either way. I didn't let a decidedly difficult time color my entire conference. It was the best, and even with that incident (boil on the butt of BlogHer blemish), I am so glad I went!

And just wait until next year! We are gonna tear that city UP!

T, who hopes to see you in NYC

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4 sent chocolate:

Miss Britt said...

I can't believe you told my secret!!!

Adrienne said...

You are such a beautiful person, you are right to not let "her" take you down. I am proud to call you a friend online and IRL.

Tony Letts said...

You are determined to make me totally jealous aren't you! See if I care that you get BlogHer and I get nada, *sob
How do you do it? How do you make chocolate sound like sex?

T. said...

miss britt: don't worry, no one really reads my blog anyway. ;oD

Adrienne: and are you trying to make me cry? Because I am getting all stuffy in the nose. You are a true friend.

Tony: I don't even know what to say...of course chocolate sounds like sex, they are closely related, now aren't they? See Sarah McLachlan's song, Ice Cream...

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