Friday, August 07, 2009

RIP John Hughes, your legacy lives on with my kids

Ferris Bueller. Claire, Brian, Allison, Andrew, Bender. Gary, Wyatt and Chet. Samantha Baker & Jake Ryan. Andie, Duckie, Blaine (that's not a name! That's a...major appliance!) & Steff. These names were engraved upon my psyche, at the Northridge Cinema in Central California as a teenager. I remember trying to avoid the well-meaning octopus who would try to cop a feel at the theatre, because, after all, he paid for the movie and the popcorn. And ok, sometimes it wasn't really a feel per se, as much as a... snuggle. Such was high school. And such was the feel of those movies. I grew up in the shadow of genius.

I was entertained on those nights by an amazing man and visionary by the name of John Hughes. He wrote the movies for my generation: The Breakfast Club. Sixteen Candles. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Pretty in Pink. Weird Science (I admit it, I wanted to BE Kelly LeBrock!) Movies that meant something to me. I can quote many lines, by heart.

It is so sad to lose John young, at 59. His movies and the music in them wrote the soundtrack to my life. And possibly yours. John Hughes has been mostly reclusive and out of the public eye for some years now..but he was not forgotten. I always hoped he would do something else, and Drillbit Taylor was not it. I hoped he would still speak for my generation, maybe a movie about social media, blogging? Alas, it was not to be.

First Michael Jackson. Now John Hughes. The 80's? She is over. I am no longer preoccupied with 1985, sorry, Bowling For Soup. We are moving on. With a heavy heart, to be sure. But, we are still moving on.

And now? I pull out all of my best John Hughes flicks and show my 15 year old what real movie making was. I only hope she enjoys them as much as I did at her age.

T, who is saddened that we lost a visionary too early and too young

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6 sent chocolate:

Too Many Hats said...

Those movies really were the 80s. I am hoping a channel will have a John Hughes marathon. It would be great to watch them with my teen dd.

for a different kind of girl said...

Word. Today is set aside for movies and PB&J's with the crusts cut off.

pamelaperez said...

I think I'm going to have a little movie marathon now. RIP John Hughes

T. said...

Too Many Hats: I bet your daughter will love them!

for a different kind of girl: what is your favorite John Hughes movie?

pamelaperez: the movies just never get old. They really don't. Enjoy your movie marathon!


Tony Letts said...

I'm well ahead of you and have lost so many people who were an important part of my earlier years. Just because they weren't related doesn't mean I don't grieve

Maddy said...

And Eunice Kennedy Shriver today, sad, sad day.

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