Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wiiii Google??

Quick! Where is the ONE place on earth where you wouldn't expect to have wi-fi issues? I'll wait.

Give up? How about Google, in Silicon Valley? Yep. I am here all weekend for a conference (it isn't my conference, I am just the warm body that JNerd volunteered to man (woman?) the desk and tell people where to go. apparently I am supremely adept at this...who knew? Since the conference is literally in ONE room, there isn't much for me to do. So I was doing the tweeting, tumbling, facebooking thing. And I have no internet access. This is frustrating.

Also, this place is locked up tighter than Fort Knox! Security at all doors, badges for everyone, restricted access and ONE room we can actually be in. What the hell are they doing here, discovering cold fusion? Lighten up, Google. You're a web-based computer company. You aren't protecting the Hope diamond.

I would have taken a picture, but would you believe no pictures or video is allowed on their campus? And since Google makes my panties wet world go around with gmail, blogger, maps and my G1? I best play by the rules with the good kids here. See Google? I can too play nice! Well, actually, there is nothing more to see here… you can move along now.

What? You want me to throw you a bone? Don't you realize how much I rely upon my G1?? But ok, I suppose it won't hurt… two words:

Lava Lamps Giant ones. (yeah, so that's more than two words, sue me. Google's Awesome cannot be contained in mere two word containers.

updated to add: coffee at Google is amazing, you grind your own beans. There is a machine that pours it for you, plus drip coffee, plus fresh-made espresso. I think I am going to move here. Wonder if the couches in the lobby are comfortable for sleeping?

T, who at least gets a short vacay from Responsibility

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4 sent chocolate:

Tony Letts said...

You get to go to the nicest places!

Too Many Hats said...

Any time away with the hubs is good time :)

Anonymous said...

Hi,believe me with Your nice words that is normal for your panty to get wet more than once a day,but please dont worry."s completly normal.
let me hear something about your period.
lovely afternoon.

JackJack said...

no comment!!

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