Saturday, February 28, 2009

Your Ten Year Mission: To Drive Your Mother To Distraction

My children are always having these conversations right out of Clerks or Big Bang Theory. The kind that make you shake your head and wonder, "What the hell was that?" I can never, ever do them justice, but they surely make me laugh.


JBean: This car is more advanced than Star Trek. It has automatic door locks.
JBear: The door is more advanced than your brain. You can't compare a self-sustaining spacecraft to a car.
JBean: My brain is smarter than...Star Trek..
JBear: Technically, the Enterprise is artificial intelligence, it has a personality. The episode where the Enterprise was going to be destroyed, that's where it was revealed it had an artificial intelligence..blah blah blah Ginger
JBean; No, it doesn't, it's not alive! It doesn't breathe!
JBear: Right,but that's what artificial intelligence means. It's smart, but it's not alive.It's a machine. It's artificial..(launches into a ten minute technical explanation of Artificial Intelligence..blah blah)
JBean: Your brain isn't alive.
circle back to first statement...

at that point...I turned the music up in the car...

T, who really likes loud music, I must since I listen a lot

3 sent chocolate:

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

That cracks me up! Gotta love boys and their passion for Star Trek.

And I LOVE The Big Bang Theory. Seriously, my favorite show these days.

T. said...

Susan: Yes, I too love love the Big Bang Theory. We just finished Season 1 on Netflix and I am so sorry to see it done. I love it more with every episode. I was also a watcher of Trek, but I wouldn't call myself a Trekkie. Guess the apple and the tree and all that... Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Don't know how or why my two geeklings haven't ever gotten into Star Trek, but they haven't. Thanking God for small favors right now...

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