Friday, February 13, 2009

For the Last Time, It's Not My Parenting

My youngest daughter was diagnosed when she was around five, I believe. We suspected she had autism, but you may have heard the saying, "If you've seen one child with autism, you've seen one child with autism." That's true. It is amazing how differently it manifests even just between the two children! We actually didn't even think she had autism, since it was so different from the way my son behaved.

My son lined things up..she does not, but she has to have things Just So. My son has pet subjects, she does not, or at least, none that are consistent. He had self-control issues when he was younger. She also has self-control issues. She is seven years old, but has a really tough time with transitions. Even when it is something she wants to do, she has a tough time moving from one activity to another. I feel that I walk on eggshells with this child, praying she doesn't melt down in front of the wrong people, and I am constantly making excuses for her behavior, and I hate doing that. But when you see a seven year old who is throwing a fit, screaming and frustrated about leaving the park, even though she is headed to her preferred-activity, ballet, what would you think? Be honest, what would you really think?

That's what I thought.

T, who is used to the judgment, and it doesn't bother me anymore

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I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

Sometimes my WildChild does things like this ...

sometimes I think there must be something wrong with her ... then we change her diet and she is good for awhile (on Fiengolds - at least MOSTLY) then we have her see a dermatologist who says, "Her behavior problems are due to her chronic excema condition" and the nightly antihistamine does help (doc says she was getting restful sleep b/c she was constantly itchy, and with chronic conditions it is hard for parents to know). Severe excema is like a really bad toothache - makes you more SNAPPY.

So all this helps, but there are still times when she is difficult ... so then I wonder if it's personality ... all of the above or something entirely different.

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