Monday, February 23, 2009

Zombie Brains Spock, Spock Deactivates Machine ...WHAT?!

just a quick follow-up to the Big Bang Theory post, specifically the Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock game...because I found this and someone actually made it work..add zombies! Everything is better with zombies:

The diagram is a bit confusing, but if you check out the site, the rules are a bit more straight-forward. Wanted the traffic to go over there for explanation. So go here, and make sure to comment on his genius, ok?

T, who knows my son will be all over this like a lizard on spit

2 sent chocolate:

Eliot said...

What a fun... I have not seen a version with more than 3 items. One I liked was: nuclear bomb kills man which steps on cockroach which survives nuclear bomb.

You have a nice blog... my wife works with autistic students and I am her geeky (python/linux using) husband.

The TimeHorse said...

Thanks for the props, T! Yes, everything IS better with Zombies! :)

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