Friday, October 31, 2008

Pulling My Hair Out

Quick, take this quiz:
My littlest one has been such a pill these last few days that I am:
A. Selling her to the gypsies, just as soon as they show up at my door
B. Locking her in a closet with a rabid weasel
C. Leaving the country and flying to Fiji....alone
D. Keeping a food journal to figure out what the sam hill I am feeding her that's making her crazy

And the answer is: D but I reserve the right to also consider C. Does anyone have any frequent flyer miles they want to donate to my sanity? How about hard liquor? I won't drink it, I will just stare at it and think about drinking it...promise.

I don't think I am feeding her anything strange, but I want to make sure it isn't a blood sugar dip, or a food dye or high-fructose corn syrup or Obnoxious Juice What? You haven't heard of O.J.? I am pretty sure most teenagers drink it, and since I have one in the house, maybe my 7 year old also managed to find it. Still don't know where it comes from, though.

I figure by keeping a list of everything she eats and drinks, I might be able to figure out if there is a pattern to her fits,screams and general unpleasantness. Is it food? Time of day? Fear? Anxiety? I am rational. So by studying it, I am hoping to hit upon a solution. Or head to Fiji. Stay tuned.

So..what do you suggest I do with this child?

T, who just wants a normal life, but geez, I will settle for a margarita

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word, I am going to have to print out that first pic and stick it on my dresser mirror so that my bad hair days don't feel quite so bad anymore! I know exactly what you mean about the food diary. When our 12 year old was 7-8 he was SO moody. I would have done anything to figure out what caused it. I never did...but he did finally outgrow it (or maybe he didn't and it just calmed down once he started on his anxiety meds).

2TooManyHats said...

Could it be that she associates Halloween with your house fire and with all the pre-Halloween happenings this week, it could certainly be anxiety/fear. And if it was that she probably cannot articulate it as she does not make the connection either.

Mrs. Tantrum said...

could it be that thing that all girls get when they turn around 13? you know what I am talking about...the things that makes them moody, and hormonal and all. I hope it isn't that, but you know it might be worth talking about.

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