Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Have It...I Admit It

I haven't been writing much, we are so close to the election that I have been thinking of that, instead. I am watching CNN, MSNBC, Daily Show and trying to keep up with the news. It's crazy. We are poised on the cusp of real change, and I so hope it happens.

I remember in 2000, when Al Gore won the popular vote...and lost the Presidency. It broke my heart. I am one of those conspiracy theorists who believes the election was stolen that day. Then, in 2004, when Kerry lost, the same thing happened. And I was done with politics. Around 2005, I stopped watching the news regularly. The knot that I sat in my gut afterwards was just too painful. I wasn't sleeping at night, I was having panic attacks, it was just too much. I would hear the evil (and make no mistake, what was done to this country has been evil) done by the Bush Regime and I would just cry. So I had to opt out, for my own peace of mind.

And then this upstart came in. He was young, comparatively. He had young daughters, which translated to me, means that he has a horse in this race. He was an idealist. He had ideas that made sense. He was personable, organized and trustworthy. And I fell. Now, I am participating again. I feel the stirrings and I am seriously feeling like something might be Right again. It has been a long, dark 8 years. And we are coming out of the tunnel. Now we just have to be sure that the sunlight doesn't blind us. We must hold our elected officials to what we elected them to do. And we have to stay informed, not just believe what they say.

Remember, they work for us. And we need to care, to vote and to demand change.

T, who says Change begins with US

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Anissa Mayhew said...

Loved the video, thanks for sharing it.

I'm with you...hoping to see the change.

The Glasers said...

The irony of this all is that there will be people who will lose hope if the candidate who inspires you win . . .

T. said...

anissa, glad you enjoyed it, I wanted to share it because it made me happy, too.

glasers: I had a really long comment for you, but I hit the wrong button and killed it. Suffice it to say, thank you for reading. I am sorry Obama makes you lose hope. Have you actually listened to him and his plan? Because unless you make 251K a year, your taxes will go DOWN. He isn't about redistributing the wealth, that's a lie. He simply wants to undo the corporate welfare under Bush and Reagan. Our tax code favors the rich, and that is a crime. It is time to give the middle class some favor, too. That is where the economy is run. When the middle class buys goods, it powers the businesses. It feeds the money, it pays the wages. When the middle class shrinks, the economy falls. Houses get foreclosed, businesses fail. Because this country is run in the interests of Big Business, the common man is losing out. The Republican Party has abdicated it's position as helping the little guy. It's a lie. Do the math, do the research. The only thing they have left is abortion. But there are more issues, that go deeper than this one. Don't be a one issue not just to preserve life, but to preserve quality of life. Under Clinton, the abortion rate actually went DOWN. Under Bush it went back up. Also, *quality of life* is just as important. Adoption programs are also important. Ask yourself, are you truly better off than you were 8 years ago? If so, vote for your candidate. I love that you read, thanks!


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