Friday, October 24, 2008

Have I Told You That I Think You ROCK?

consider it said...YOU ROCK. Thanks for reading.

I am really behind on Bloggy Housekeeping (not to mention regular housekeeping!) and need to give thanks to some and props to others. we go:

From the Bon Bon Gazette I received the Kick Ass blogger's award...thanks Hellokittiemama! I appreciate the vote of confidence!

The rules:

1. Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers”.
2. Let ‘em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they’ve received an “Award!” Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to
3. Hop on back to the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky then pass it on!

I choose my own, and because I never could follow the rules, I choose 6:

Whitterer on Autism


Confessions of an Apron Queen

For a Different Kind of Girl

That Girl Blogs

Attack of the Redneck Mommy

Marshella presented me with

The Charming Award

The Rules: Leave the following message on your post when you pass the award on to their chosen eight blogger buddies. “These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

From California to Singapore

A Smeddling Kiss

Feel Me.

Shannon Sez So

this military mama

adventures in babywearing

the adventures of leelo and his potty-mouthed mom

And my friend, 2TooManyHats, has tagged me. As if you don't know enough about me, now I have to find seven inane pieces of information that you probably could care less about...but I am a good sport, so here goes...

  • My second toe is longer than my big toe. I have piano player toes. Yeah, that's it.

  • my favorite coffee comes from Starbucks. I order a Grande mocha decaf, and used to get chocolate whipped cream, but they discontinued it. Now I get regular whipped cream and have them drizzle it with chocolate syrup.

  • I was the consummate "WHY??" kid. My parents were so exasperated that by age six, they bought me a set of encyclopedias. I read them all by the time I was in the 6th grade.

  • I like Science Fiction, but not all of it. I like cerebral Sci-Fi, like Fringe, Heroes and, two that aren't around anymore, Babylon 5 & Firefly.

  • I love animals and feel immense joy visiting them at the zoo. I really think I have a connection...when I show up they come to the fence, or make eye contact. It's weird, and others have commented on it.

  • I love tech gadgets, but they have to be intuitive. Just tech isn't enough for me...I don't like piddling to figure things out. One of the reasons I love Apple: things are where you THINK they will be.

  • I bit my nails for many, many years. One day, I just stopped. I don't know how. Now they are long and strong and nice-looking. I tried for years and couldn't cease; no idea how I finally did.

  • I like to cook, but it is difficult to spend the time to do so. I cook well, but have a hard time duplicating the same thing. I add to taste, and it works, but I never know what I just did.

Ok, so now I have to pick 7 more people to shower you with random stuff about themselves: Momma's Tantrum
To Think is to Create
A Box of Chocolates
Dried Paper Cuts and Chickens
The White House
Peyton's Hope Page

There. Go.

T, who wants to give an award to EVERYONE

12 sent chocolate:

Anonymous said...

I'm lost me after Grande Mocha decaf with whipped cream and drizzled chocolate syrup. Putting my jacket on right now. Stupid Starbucks six miles away...

2TooManyHats said...

Wow, you killed 3 birds with that post - you deserve the efficient award. Hmmm...

Squid said...

Wow, thanks! *blush*

Wherever in OC you are, I hope you get to go to one of the two Thai Nakorns on occasion.

Backpacking Dad said...

All good choices, but FADKOG especially rocks.

Maddy said...

My! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I'll keep my comment brief as I'm whacked out on Vicodin at the moment and it is my experience that blogging on drugs is inadvisable.

Thank you so much again for including me. I shall try and do the honours and catch up at the weekend when the fog has cleared.
Best wishes

Gayle said...

You've pulled me out of my blog-avoidance phase (really just trying to stay off the computer and get something done!). What random things about myself can I tell you....

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, how special! What a reward to be honored with! Thank you!


MARV said...

Ohmygoodness...I'm "charming??" *YAY!*

Thankyouthankyou! :D

thatgirlblogs said...

honored, thanks ;)

Redneck Mommy said...

Blushing. Thank you doll. You just made my day.


This Military Mama said...

Thank you so much! I feel so special! *hug*

Starlene said...

Thanks, T. :-) I feel so "charming." :-D

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