Saturday, May 01, 2010

You Like me, you really like me! My day at the L.A. Blogger's Brunch

Earlier this month, I had the distinct pleasure to attend the L.A. Bloggers' Brunch at the Shade hotel in Manhattan Beach. Top area bloggers were treated to an omelet bar, pastries with all the trimmings and fresh-squeezed orange juice and coffee. Beforehand, was a seminar with great speakers like my friends Ciaran andCaryn. In a roomful of marketers, P.R. people and bloggers, we discussed whether or not a blogger should return merchandise after review. It was decided that if the vendor wants it back, they need to say so, and they also need to make it easy to return, perhaps postage-paid. But optimal would be not having to return at all. This is a controversial topic, and I am not sure we reached a consensus.

At the brunch,some brands were on hand to meet and mingle such as Dyson, Pottery Barn, Bandai, Nickelodeon toys, Pajama jeans and more.

Dyson is now making a vacuum specifically for those with animals. I may need one of those with the Newfie! In fact, I know I could give it a run for the money with two long-haired cats and a Newfoundland dog. Do you have any idea how much shedding is done in this house? Hey Dyson! Want to do some product testing?? Let's see just how good that sucker is! Vacuum...sucker...see what I did there??

Backyard Safari showed their toys that will be in Target and other major retailers..I was enamoured with the large magnifying glass frame made of plastic. Very good for tide pools!

It was a wonderful morning for all concerned. I met some really nice people, new contacts and renewed old friendships. It was great to get out and eat a meal I didn't have to 1) COOK and 2) CLEAN UP AFTER <--THIS is huge!

And, as if that wasn't enough, there were some nice perks. Pottery Barn treated us all to a tote bag with a really nice beach towel. Bandai gave us a fun bag of goodies, including JBean's favorite, Harumika. She just loves this line that encourages creativity. (No, really, she will play for hours, and it keeps her quiet in the car in traffic. That right there is worth the price of admission, in my mind). Nickelodeon provided some of their top toys, as well. Temptress was on hand to do makeovers. Prizes were won. Dyson gave away some vaccuums. Sadly, not to me. And? Apparently there is a $100 mascara. Who knew?! (for that price, it should make me look, if not like Angelina, at least like Sandra...without the plastic surgery. What? It could happen!)

Thank you, Child's Play for the invitation. It was a great event!

T, who was just happy to be there

I did not receive compensation for this post, and no one made me write it. I did get an amazing omelet (with avocado and bacon and cheese!) and some nifty gifties.

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2 sent chocolate:

PaperFlora2 said...

sounds like a good time was had by all :)
and I say keep the free stuff!

Tony Letts said...

Looks like a great event - of course you keep the freebies :)

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