Monday, May 17, 2010

The Veggie Law... a revisit

I thought it would be fun to revisit some of my earlier posts, from years ago...just to get an idea of how far we have come. So, I present:

"They're yukky!"

I looked at my second born, my son, as he sat there, wiggling, lip curled and looking askance. Maybe if he didn't look at them, they would disappear. "I know you think that, but they are good for you. You need to eat a couple." He didn't answer, but returned his attention to his plate, pushing his fork around with disinterest. Suddenly, he brightened. "I don't really have to eat them. It's not the law."

I held back a smile. "Well, actually, it is a law. Kids under ten must eat at least 1 bite of vegetables. It's California state law."

I nibbled my nail while I waited to hear his answer. He regarded his plate, then me. "Even peas?" he asked. "Yes son, even peas." I almost felt badly at the untruth I was spreading, but hey, a kid has to eat his peas!

He sighed heavily, then picked up his fork. "If I was President I wouldn't have to eat these," he said.

"I am pretty sure even the President has to eat his peas, too. I think it's the law."

"Well, the President breaks the law, right? He could break the Vegetable Law. After all, he listened to other peoples' phone calls without asking."

Oh oh, thought to myself, now you've done it. The kid clearly hears talk radio even when you think he's not listening.

I made a mental note to refrain from listening to talk radio when he is around. Kids don't need to be burdened with the politics of grown ups, really. And President Bush's actions, as confusing as they are for adults, must be completely flummoxing for a child.

Again, I sit here, left wondering, what do I tell my children? When I explain to them we all have authorities over us, that's just the way it is, how do I explain that the President believes himself to be above the law? And since the President is such an Everyguy, and every kid can be President, what possible recourse do I have when my son refuses to eat his peas?

by the way, I did tell my son there is no such law about peas. But the law for corn still stands.

T, who figures eating veggies could be important

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Lisa said...

You mean you've come so far that the kids actually eat peas?
I haven't got there myself yet, after a traumatic episode being forced to eat peas as a child. Forty years later, and I still can't bear the texture of peas.

Tony Letts said...

Nice law - I love peas :)

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

Lisa: two of my three will eat peas. My son eats nothing green except salad. My eldest daughter loves broccoli and my youngest daughter loves salad and cucumbers. I have no idea what I did. As for the texture of peas, I hate, hate canned ones, but fresh or frozen I actually like.

Tony: I love them, too. Especially cold. Yeah, I am crazy. But my youngest loves "corncicles" what she calls frozen pieces of corn. She begs for them.


Þorgerður said...

You made me laugh. Thanks, :)

Spot said...

Don't you love it when they have a really good comeback? I adore those moments of brilliance, regardless of how annoying they might be.


Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

Þorgerður: Thank you, I am glad I helped you to laugh. Laughs are few and far between sometimes when you are dealing with autism. (how do you pronounce your name?)

Spot: in this house, you have to be pretty quick on your feet. For all the kids go through, I am happy to report that the Sarcasm gene was passed down from this generation to the next. ;oP


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