Saturday, January 09, 2010

Just to be safe the bomb squad is on speed-dial

JNerd: If your son asks you if he can have it, I already told him no.
Me: ::look:: What?
JNerd: C-4. He wanted C-4. So, just for the record, I already told him no.
Me: "!!"

T, who says time to slow down on the Mythbusters

3 sent chocolate:

Angry Julie Monday said...

Yea, Myth Busters is BAD BAD BAD for curious kids like ours...

Lara said...

I like that he felt you needed to know that he already said no. Like if you didn't know that you might have said yes. :-P

Spot said...

Hahaha. This one cracks me up. Wonder what he was going to use it for...?


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