Saturday, January 23, 2010

Islands in the sea

Day 4 here in Wellington dawned overcast, but it quickly grew warmer as the sun came out. A short walk along the waterfront and we were at our destination: The City and Sea Museum. Ten years old, this museum boasts an extensive history of Wellington life and commerce. I know, sounds boring. But it was actually a really neat little museum.

Here is a hobbit foot. You're welcome.

My favorite was their Alice-in-Wonderlandish tribute for their anniversary. It was very Jules Verne/steampunk and a really clever medium to deliver information.

After the museum, we boarded the ferry and headed for Somes Island. We ate lunch on board, catered fish & chips. The chips were very good: thick-sliced and hot. The fish was nice, as well. The ferry trip took about 15 minutes across gloriously blue waters that were relatively calm.

Somes Island is a wildlife sanctuary free of predators. Once we disembarked the ferry, we were lead into a small room with two doors. We were asked to check our bags for rodents or ants, as well as our shoes for dirt. Non-native pests could be devastating for the environment at Somes, so we all understood.

The walkabout on Somes was a fairly gentle slope winding around the perimeter of the island. It was a trek, but not as bad as the day before. It was, however, hot, and bit uncomfortable because of it. We didn't notice that much because we were distracted by the beautiful views and the birds.

Once we arrived back to the dock, we found we had over an hour before our ferry was due to come back. So I kept myself busy taking pictures of the birds on the beach.

Back on the mainland, plans for the evening were a bit sparse. JNerd had a function and I elected to stay in for the night. A can of chili, a candy bar and my computer, and I was set. I really just needed a night to recharge. I truly believe I am just a homebody at heart.

T, who is having a wonderful time

4 sent chocolate:

Spot said...

Wow. New Zealand looks gorgeous! Glad you're having a good time. I bet you're missing your kids though!


Tony Letts said...

Will you have to tell the kids what a dreadful trip it was and how they'd have hated it?

Pop and Ice said...

I cannot believe how blue that water is! It is breathtaking. And I totally envy you in that gorgeous environment!

Kate @ UpsideBackwards said...

So glad you got some decent weather in what has been a pretty awful summer so far. Great photos! I hope you managed to get a hot shower at some point, too - poor you!

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