Friday, September 25, 2009

My Top 20 reasons for homeschooling ( because there were way more than 10)

Since school just started for us I thought it would be fun to list some reasons why I homeschool.(contrary to popular thought, it wasn't just because I could stay home all day and drink martinis while not waiting in the public school carpool line). Necessity lead me to homeschooling, it's true. When you have a child with high-functioning autism, he can fall through the cracks. My son was not a good fit for the existing special education classes but couldn't function in mainstreaming, even with a full-time aide. So I decided to bring him home that first year. He was already behind in Math and Reading and was in the first grade. I figured I could do as well as the school did, and better if we were lucky. It worked so well the next year I brought my oldest daughter home to study. And at that point, I knew I would homeschool my littlest one as well.

So necessity began my homeschool career, but that's not what kept me going. "Why do you homeschool" I am asked. Here are some of my reasons.

1. You can sleep in if you stay up too late the night before. (just don't do it too often!)

2. Creative Teaching! If at first you don't get it, there's always another way.

3. Kids can run around when they need to

4. Don't have to ask permission to go to the bathroom

5. Nature Walks!

6. Long, meandering side trips into History

7. P.E. is playing outside (no calisthenics, which my daughter hates)

8. No Detention

9. Your teacher loves you, always

10.Field Trips pretty much whenever we want

11.Don't like the book? Find another one!

12. School in the middle of Mommy's bed (or under a tree outside, or on the couch)

13. Pajama Days!

14. Lunch is edible.

15. Chewing gum helps with concentration, and it's not against the rules!

16. Intelligent discussions!

17. Kids who WANT to study what they are studying.

18. No bullying

19. Little to no peer pressure

20. More time for the things that really count like art and music.

T, who figured why let schooling interfere with their education

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Too Many Hats said...

Wait, we cannot use detentions? How will I get any time alone?! Just kidding. Awesome list.

Tony Letts said...

Very compelling argument! It strikes me that it also makes you so much more of a parent. The bonding will be very strong. Playing devil's advocate though, they are not going to get a variation of approach as one does with more than one teacher. Also there will be a lack of some facilities I imagine. On balance though, given your personal capability, they must be better off at home :)

Evelyn Saenz said...

Wonderful list of reasons to homeschool. Another one I might add is the variety of teachers your children can have. They are not limited to ones available in a classroom setting but can find teachers in museums, libraries, National Parks etc.

Summer said...

I love this list! :)

Karen Redman said...

Very interesting list. Had been considering home schooling for my son who is distracted by other children in his class & finds it difficult to (a) concentrate or to (b) get teachers' attention as staff spend great deal of time trying to keep disruptive children calm. Ultimately, I decided against as school isn't JUST about education but also teaches children coping mechanisms for real life - i.e. they're alway likely to encounter disruptive, unpleasant or obnoxious people in the workplace & should know how to cope with them. Each child is different & it's good to know that your three are thriving at home!

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