Saturday, April 26, 2008

Now I Can Get That Boob Job

This book is preparing to be released next month. And we wonder why girls' self-esteem is in the toilet? If mommy ain't happy with herself, how can she expect her daughter to be happy with what she is? It was written by a plastic surgeon to help parents explain why mother's face and body have changed drastically and why the child should nor fear that body snatchers have come in the night, replacing Mommy with a Desperate Housewife. This trend scares me. Why can't we all just age, if not gracefully, at least, with aplomb?

T, who thinks wrinkles give her Character

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WomensDaily said...

This really is the worst idea for a book ever.

Firefly mom said...

Oh, I hope this isn't going to become a trend in children's literature. Instead of having a book to explain why mommy now looks like a caricature, how about a book explaining that mommy would have better spent the money on therapy to figure out *why* she felt the need to be lifted, sucked, tucked, and implanted.

Sha said...

I wonder what else is in the series?
Perhaps a lift-the-flap book called:
"Where did Grandma's belly go?"

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