Saturday, July 08, 2006

Well, Monkeys Will Just Fly Outta My Butt!

I can't believe it, but he did it! Kyle from One Red Paperclip was sitting at his desk over a year ago lamenting that he couldn't buy a house. He noticed a red paperclip on his desk and decided to trade for it, on the Internet. 14 trades later, he made it!

Here is the story

I guess anything is possible if you have the ingenuity and creativity. Congratulations to Kyle McDonald, duuuuuuuuude, you are sooooooo money! I wonder how many others will try the same thing? Kyle's feat will definitely be the talk of offices throughout the U.S. come Monday!

Ok, now your turn....with what item would you start a trade, and what would you hope to end up with? I will post the answers in a future post, so don't be shy, let me know!

T, who says color me red, I didn't think he would pull it off!

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2 sent chocolate:

Cmommy said...

OMGosh, I am stunned. And so happy for him! Great post! C

Library Mama said...

Okay - this is just freaky.

I hit your blog by clicking on "random" Crazy Hip Blog Mamas, and there are so many things on your blog, especially the last few posts, that connect with me.

1. I live in the same Canadian province as Kyle McDonald's new house. In fact, I went to college with the small town PR guy who arranged the final trade.

2. I drive a Kia Sedona.

3. Your kids and mine are close to the same ages. Yes, I also have three - 'though all mine are boys.

4. I am in the middle of a quest to learn more about Asperger's, as I am a teacher, and I will have a student with Asperger's in the fall.

5. I've been married 17 years.

I will visit again. You have a great site here.

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