Thursday, July 20, 2006

T13- So Lazy I Can't Even Think of a Title

13 Reasons my Blog Hasn't Been Updated since July 8th

  • 1. My birthday was on the 10th. I turned 40. I feel ok about it, but I am not ready to wax poetical about it.
  • 2. less computer time, more sun time!
  • 3. 5 trips to the dealer and a rental car later, and my air conditioning is finally fixed in my van
  • 4. must get out of the house before I kill my children
  • 5. nothing exciting is happening.
  • 6. really. life is sweetly boring right now.
  • 7. my daughter is at camp and I am cleaning her room.
  • 8. have you seen her room?
  • 9. it could take me a month, but I have less than a week.
  • 10. in fact, I have really just one more day.
  • 11. but I am just about done, mostly.
  • 12. have been doing research for curricula for homeschooling
  • 13. it's SUMMER! The kids have it off, I guess I am taking time, too.
  • T, who let the time get away from me

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    22 sent chocolate:

    Raggedy said...

    Great list!
    Happy 40!
    I am afraid to go up and look at my sons room..
    My TT is up

    Something's Missing said...

    Hey -- we use the same header! :)

    Great list.

    My Thursday Thirteen is up.

    Anonymous said...

    Awesome list! I wish life was sweetly boring for me right now! I sooo remember those days of cleaning my youngest daughters room - I had a scoop shovel and bagged most of it in the trash because she refused to throw anything away...I think it was so she didn't have to clean it - crazy how smart kids are.

    My TT is up!

    Tanya said...

    Great list - you seem happy with life - maybe you have waxed poetic about being 40.

    Anonymous said...

    summer has been though to be all bloggy. enjoy the sun, and the birthday. will the daughter be Mad you cleaned her room?

    Reverberate58 said...

    Lots of people have been away from blogging for the summer! Especially with the kids home! So you are not that alone! Enjoy the time down!
    My T13 is up! I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

    Carmen said...

    enjoying summer is a good reason not to blog!

    Anonymous said...

    Happy belated birthday!

    Sometimes not having a lot to post about is not such a bad thing. "Boring" can be good. And it seems like you've been able to get a lot done with the time you haven't been blogging.

    Oops, somehow my link got onto your mr. Linky twice. Sorry about that!

    Mama Duck said...

    Wish I could take a break.....

    Happy TT, mine's up ;).

    Sherri said...

    We all have blogging dry spells!

    My list is up:)

    Anonymous said...

    Great TT even without a title.

    Happy 40th!!

    Ardice said...

    Happy Belated Birthday! I've not been blogging as much as I usully do, it's the summer - too hot.

    Have a wonderful day. Take-Care...

    Anonymous said...

    Cool list. I blog on 3 different sites and realized I handn't blogged in almost two weeks on my personal blog until last night! Yikes!

    Anonymous said...

    Happy VERY Belated Birthday! So glad you got the AC in your van fixed, where I live, that would be a necessity!

    Hope you survived the room cleaning project :)

    Have a wonderful day, my T13 is up too...

    Tracie Nall said...

    Sometimes there jsut isn't time for everything else adn blogging too. Happy Birthday!!

    My TT is up!

    angela said...

    I turned 40 last November. It was kind of a shock, but I have to say that in some ways it has been liberating. Hope it is a wonderful year for you.

    Loved the stuff about cleaning the room (It could take a month, but I just have one more day----I am witcha sister:-))

    Julie said...

    I totally understand. Sometimes it's hard to keep updated :)

    Jen said...

    hey, my b-day is on july 10th too! I do miss your posts....although I understand completely!

    Chelle Y. said...

    Number four made me laugh! :)

    Anonymous said...

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    Anonymous said...

    Happy 40! It's just the beginning of all that is good!

    lissa 07 said...

    I can be just as lazy sometimes. Spendin less time on the computer is always a plus.


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