Saturday, June 12, 2010

Space: Mom's Final Frontier

I am starting a new "thing" here at Send Chocolate Now... vlogging! Yes, I, your intrepid hostie will be regaling you with my vim, vigor and viciousness silliness about once a week. Or so. If the kids cooperate. Or something.

Without further ado... Sweet Bits.

These are the voyages of the Mom. Her lifelong mission: to explore some time to herself. To seek out some peace and some quiet. To boldly do things alone.

Are you in?

Oh, and before I forget...what do you think of my new banner? I maded it all by myself. [insert praise here]

Sweet Bits vlog: Space, Mom's Final Frontier from sendchocolate on Vimeo.

T, who is new to this, so go easy on me

3 sent chocolate:

Kim Thompson said...

Right on! My words exactly.

Lisa said...

I have a method. It's sneaky, but it works, and best of all, the kids GET IT, and not only do they get it, but they laugh, and they even learn stuff.

When the tempers are rising, and the kids are losing it, do you send a kid for a time out? Until they've calmed down and got it together?

Right, well I send myself to time out. When it's all getting too much, I announce that Mummy needs to stop yelling and calm down, so Mummy needs to go to time out. Then I send myself to my room.

The kids just fall about laughing at the idea of Mummy getting a taste of her own medicine.

Shame I have to come out again far too soon.

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

Kim: glad it resonated.

Lisa: I WISH it was that easy! When my kids were younger, they fell for that. Now? Notsomuch. My youngest very much wants to "assist" me in taking my time outs. They recognize that when I want a time out, it's to be ALONE. So, no, that just doesn't fly anymore. Hopefully, yours will allow you to continue.


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