Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Some Days Just Work

Today I:


  • a pinch collar for the puppy. (she does really well on walks, but every once in a while will pull quite hard, so I want to train her to stop doing that, it hurts)

  • a training lead, gives longer line for teaching the pup to come when called

  • a tie-out, for when we are in the front yard, so the pup can be with us, too

  • 3 birds of paradise, 5 asiatic lilies and some poppy seeds, some gloves, a kid's wheelbarrow, a dirt hauler, some gloves, a shovel.

  • a mission-style, glider bench for outdoors

  • a bbq grill, with and for JNerd.


  • two really good walks with the dog...training, she did well with the collar
  • a beauteous yard. No! Really, I did. I know, I have a brown thumb, but I am trying. Getting better!

  • a calming space with the assembly of the gliding rocker bench.
  • dinner. Or rather, I soaked the corn and dressed the sausages once JNerd finished grilling them.

  • three very-satisfied and relaxed children, courtesy of said bench. JBean was almost rocked to sleep on it. JBug used it to calm herself, and JBear sat outside tonight and read for a while.

I don't especially like the manual labor of gardening, but I surely like the results. And just looking at the yard now lowers my blood pressure. I didn't grow up with parents who had a green thumb. My mother worked full time and really didn't have the time to garden. Our yard was a horse pasture with...well, horses. In the summertime, the mustard plants would grow waist-high and my brother and I were charged with pulling the weeds that absolutely took over. It was back-breaking work, and I hated it. So, gardening left a sour taste in my mouth. Add to that, the fact that I was known for killing succulents, and I wasn't impressed with my gardening ability. It would appear, though, that I am getting better. Maybe.

Job well-done.

How about you?

T, who had a very productive weekend

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4 sent chocolate:

Kim Thompson said...


The flowers are beautiful. What kind of puppy do you have? We have a border collie and the leash is a nightmare. I have kind of given up with it in some respects and run her in the back yard and at the dog park. She's a sprinter anyway and loves to run.

I finally got to your blog! I love it.

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

Kim: Thanks for admiring my handiwork. I have a 5 month old Newfoundland puppy. She is pushing 50 lbs. now. She does wonderfully on the leash, except for unexpected things, like bags blowing in the wind, a squirrel darting across our path (under her nose! She wanted to play with it). Then she'll yank, until she remembers I am there, and circles back to apologize. Still, it is that last yank that gets me!

Kim Thompson said...

50 lbs? WOW! My dog is 50 lbs and she's full grown (she'll be a year old in about a week). My dog chases squirrel but not for play. She hates them. We have her a bone awhile back and she left it on the grass (I just happened to be watching) and stepped away. A squirrel came down from our maple tree, snatched it and taunted her from a branch. She went nuts poor thing.

Off subject: You know, I read your "who am i?" bit and the homeschooling--wow! How do you pull that off? I did homeschooling full time with my son for six months (we had to pull him out of the local school, long sad story). Part of the time it was great, part of the time, a nightmare. He wanted to go back to school part-time at the middle school near our home. We honored that. Part of the time THAT is a good, part of the time, well you get the drift. The part time homeschool is really unschooling. Do you follow curriculum or unschool? Curious. (My NT daughter is full-time in public school--she loves it).

Tony Letts said...

seems your thumb is greenish brown now :)

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