Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Good Thing I Didn't Tell Him to Jump Off a Bridge

Today I was making dinner and my son was goofing off, sort of getting on my nerves. Asking for a snack and whining about being hungry. Finally he said, "What CAN I have??" So I said to him

"You can have a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!" Thinking that was the end of that. He comes back with a bamboo skewer and points to his eye. "Right here." he says.

Talk about feeling like crap. I have to watch my sarcasm.

T, who really needs to think before I open my mouth

4 sent chocolate:

Shannan P said...

Sounds like a conversation that I'd have with my oldest. Only somehow I think it would end with ME being the one who gets poked in the eye.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that us sarcastic mammas get the super-literal kiddos?? Its such a bummer, eh?

T. said...

Shannan: Thankfully, he didn't actually get poked in the eye. But I will definitely think twice before I unleash my sarcasm. It seems to just melt him.

topsytechie: maybe we get literal kids so that we stop with the sarcasm? Naaah, that couldn't be it!


Antonette (1crazymomma) said...

Ohhh T, I think you and I might have just fallen off the same sarcasm tree. It sounds like something I would've said to the kiddos in my son's playgroup...and they are ages 3-5.

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