Friday, March 31, 2006

You're Here

Yes, I have finally joined the ranks of bloggers. Hey, better late than never, I always say. Part of the problem is that I hate to get things wrong. I am such a damned perfectionist that I would rather do nothing at all than do something half-assed. So, there you go. I used to keep a blog years ago, but pulled it down just because. So here, I try again.

Some things I have learned over the years:

* If your 4 year old comes in holding herself and insisting she doesn't have to go the bathroom, you had better jump up and race her to the pot or you will have a puddle on your hands.

*A monster may have eaten your shoes, even if you don't think so, especially if it was a shoe-eating monster.

* if the cat suddenly starts hacking, make sure it isn't over important papers.

*Starbucks mochas are almost as good as therapy for maintaining sanity.

*It is impossible to sleep without Baby Tigger, Pooh Bear or a thousand other stuffed animals between three children. If your child takes a shine to a certain stuffed friend, you had better buy two, or you will be out at midnight with the flashlight in the car trying to find a two inch beanie. Trust me on this one.

*a Kissing Hand will last you until you see the person again. And it won't wash off, even when you wash your hands.

*If Mommy didn't see you do it, confess. (this from my middle child)

*If the bread finds its way to the back of the fridge (as bread is wont to do) it will freeze. Bread can be defrosted in the microwave, but not when you have 30 seconds to slap peanut butter on it and slide your kid out the door to school.

*You are never too old for Disneyland. Or m&m's, or fairy tales.

*Life is many things: fun, crazy-making, scary, wonderful, depressing, joyful...but never, ever boring. Unless you want to live like a soap character. In that case, you would find my life very boring, indeed.

*I am right where I need to be, even though I am not a famous journalist, actress, high-falutin' professional of anything. I am a wife, mother and lots of other things, too. I homeschool my kids, and am finding I feel very close to them by homeschooling. I love it, and wish I would have done it sooner. The funny thing is...I am the one who is getting schooled.

Pull up a chair, get to know us, and above all, bring chocolate. See you soon.

- T, who prefers dark chocolate, especially the filled ones from See's

2 sent chocolate:

Kimberly said...

Dark Chocolate is the best. And as I discovered last night at dinner, Texas Land and Cattle's Brownie Desert is to die for.
Deep Dark and HUGE brownie served Hot... yum... Tom has scars on the back of his hand from my fork! Don't touch my chocolate!

Your blog is wonderful Tina, I will check back often to keep updated.

HUGS and God Bless!

TLC said...

You go to a restaurant called Texas Land and Cattle? I would bet it isn't a vegetarian restaurant, then? Only in Texas, babe, would you find a name like that. (but that dessert sounds wonderful!)

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