Wednesday, June 08, 2011

College Room and Board will be cheaper than I thought

This exchange took place in the car on the way home today:

JBean: Yay! When JBug goes off to college, can I redecorate the room just for me, all to myself?

JBug: No! I will be living at home, forever, in the basement.

[to JBean:] JBug isn't going off to college, she is living at home for a while while she is IN college. Don't sell her off just two will still be sharing a room.

[to JBug;] You can't live in the basement; we don't have a basement. Besides, we have Basement Cats...there would be no room in the basement.

JBug: JBear will be living in the basement. Playing first-person shooter video games.

Me: Probably. You can live in the ceiling. We don't have a Ceiling Cat.

JBug: ...

2 sent chocolate:

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Moo went off to college (uni we call it here in Oz) and I have a picture of that damn ceiling cat still on her roof.

KarenDFrancis said...

Classic! We are just starting to look at high school all of this is to come for us.

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