Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Bunny needs a new job, pretty sure he is over this egg-thing

Today dawned cold and rainy. I think there is some confusion as to our locale, hello? If I wanted to live in the Pacific NorthWET, I would move to Seattle, which is about as cool and hip as you can get, if you don't mind being a duck and/or being suicidal wet the majority of the time.

I personally do not like being either, so I live in beautiful, sunny (hello?!) Southern California. So.
Anyway...the bunny decided he doesn't like moist fur, so he waited until after noon to hide the eggs. And he was sneaky. I sent JNerd out out with JBean to get cookies for Easter brunch with our extended family. Then with the help of JBug, the eggs were "dealt with" and placed just so. Then I left in the van with JBug and JBear, calling JNerd so that he could return and she could "find" the bunny's handiwork. I came right back because I "forgot my wallet." Mission accomplished. I don't have one picture because I was protecting my camera from the wet conditions. But take my word for it, she had fun.

Afterwards, we headed over to my sister-in-law's who generously hosts all 18 of us for brunch. My ultra-cool brothers-in-law supplied amazing cocktails, which always makes things better. Good food, good conversation...I am very fortunate to have the family that I do. There is no way I can get a picture of all of us, so here are a few of the kids.

Happy Easter, to you and yours!!

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