Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where have I been?

Christmas tree at the Cruz house

before and after x-ray of my daughter's scoliosis surgery

dog learns to play fetch

new Christmas bicycle for JBean

well-deserved hazelnut-caramel latte

birthday deely-boppers for Poppy, who turned ONE. Doesn't she look happy in them?? Should I hide my shoes?

6 sent chocolate:

OakMonster said...

Welcome back! I miss you!!!

Brenda said...

Well, of COURSE you've been busy! And whatever you do ... SAVE THE SHOES!

Tony Letts said...

Don't be a stranger :)

Not Supermom said...

Welcome back!! How did the surgery go? Before & after looks pretty good!!

((Hugs)) I've missed you.

Accidental Expert said...

OK, that latte looks way too good. I'm jealous. And you have a Newfie? She looks precious. Welcome back. Hope surgery went well and recovery is going smoothly.

Tina@ SendChocolateNow said...

Oak: thanks, miss you, too! Hopefully we'll get the band back to together!

Brenda: ALL shoes are safe as we speak, in the closet.

Tony: miss seeing you around. Everything ok?

NotSupermom: Will I see you at Scale8 this year??

Expert: Thanks, the newfie is pretty awesome, except when she begs for french fries, like right now. Would love to have a latte with you!

Thanks for commenting, everyone!


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