Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Help my life has been stolen and replaced with an Edith Wharton novel

I think I've lost my mojo. No, really. I am not joking; it's not funny. I have never been one to complain, and I know how to avoid/block/ignore pain. The longest I have ever been down with anything was 3 days, and that was the Kill-An-Elephant-and-Leave-It-There-To-Rot flu. It got JNerd, too. We were both very, very sick. I think that was February, before last. So...2009? But lately? I am just...sick.

I wrote about it before...how after I came home from blogher, I was dealing with migraines, on a daily basis. They had me down, for a month. No joke. They started 8/5, and I saw the doctor on 9/2. All the time I was waiting? Languishing in a darkened room like some demented character out of a gothic novel. Talk about the drama! I spent so many days flat on my back I could have paid for my mortgage had I been doing anything more remotely interesting. Instead?Ice pack at the base of my skull, cold, weighted eye mask over my face. I did a lot of listening to tv...it was all I could do.

And now, thanks to a god-send of a doctor, who saw me in the grips of a terrible migraine attack and immediately fixed it with a shot of Imitrex and then a prescription, my head is better, or at least on its way to becoming better. But. There were...complications. I won't go into my bathroom habits, cause that shit lives forever on the internet, but let's just say they're non-

at this point. And not from ...lack of trying. And then, there are complications to that.

And while all that sucks, what's worse is that my cycle is all screwed up. I have had not ONE, not TWO, but THREE periods in the last TWO months. Yep, that's right. Three. The only good news is that proves I am not pregnant. But I am sick of my period, sick of feeling sick and ready to get off my freaking bed. And I just..can't. I am achy, tired, bleeding. Despite this all, I am trying to find the funny, you know, fkeep up my spirits.

I am failing miserably. I have spent the last month begging off of most things I am supposed to be doing. I have missed karate, eye appointments and countless other things I am supposed to attend. I missed a good friend's birthday party, blog events, and just, everything. My house is a disaster, my dog is a monster (She needs my attention and training, no one can handle her the way I do) and my kids are being raised by wolves. ENOUGH. I have an MRI sometime in the next week or so. To make sure I am not dying of a brain tumor (I'm not.) I called the doctor's office and was told that all of my labs: thyroid, hormones, were normal.. Well, that's just awesome, possum!

Then tell me why I don't feel normal?? I am OVER this. I have never been down this long, and I am having a hard time seeing around it to the light at the end of the tunnel. Which is probably a bus, anyway.

ANd that is why I have lost my mojo.

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The Empress said...

You have so much going on.

You took this post right out of my mind.

I know, I am getting, trying to get over the feeling of being overwhelmed.

It paralyzes me..and I can't even do one thing.

Trish said...

I am that way (but not as bad I'm sure) with allergies right now - I just want to crawl in bed all the time!

I just realized looking at my blogroll and seeing your post pop up that you somehow disappeared from my GReader - so I have a lot to catch up on. I loved the post about the party right after BlogHer - I had a coworker that I could be sarcastic with all day long and we both were in such a habit of it that it was really hard to turn it off when other people came by with work-related issues. Why can't everyone appreciate good humor when they hear it, huh?

Tony Letts said...

There are lots of good wishes flying your way - let us know when you get you life back

Jessica Warrick said...

I so feel you on the headaches i get migraines for weeks. I also feel you on the bathroom problem.. Its not fun. lol I noticed you typed this form your ipad and i was thinking of getting one soon so i was wandering how you like it? Also im your newest follower and if you wnana follow back you can check me out at http://punkrockmomma.com

Spot said...

I'm so sorry! Being sick and feeling "off" is no fun. Unfortunately, it often takes months and super diligent internet research on your part to get a diagnosis. I know this from experience. But don't give up. Don't let them keep saying all tests are normal and you're fine. Because you know when you are not fine. Make them get to the bottom of this.

Hang tough.

Brenda said...

((Hugs)) Hope you find some medical answers soon to what the heck is up. That must be so hard.

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