Friday, October 30, 2009

Ok, but I am pretty sure she isn't getting through customs

This is always what the cat does when someone travels in this house. JNerd went to the Google Mentor Summer of Code conference this last weekend. And Perry was completely sure she was going, too. Until she didn't. But it doesn't stop her, and it doesn't stop her from trying again next time.

Still, you have to admire her sticktuitiveness. Is that even a word? She doesn't give up and she is a stubborn thing. Pretty sure her sweet face hides an evil that no man can fathom. If I told you the things she does... and she stares at us. In a really weird way. Sometimes she creeps me out. I have had cats most of my life, and most were pretty pleasant creatures. This one, even though she is nice to me, I always wonder if it is like the email that went around for a while, about the cat in captivity and planning its escape. There is a part of me that wonders if I will wake up in the morning, or if she will kill me in my sleep. Good thing I don't have stairs, she just seems like the kind of cat that weaves in and out of your feet to make you fall down the stairs. And then? She just sits there licking her whiskers with a malevolent gleam in her eye. Yeah, ok, I am probably being paranoid,but come on. She is after all, completely black...just in time for Halloween, right?

T, who asks, "Want a cat??"

Monday, October 26, 2009

When I grow up, I wanna be...

While my parents were here, we visited Seaport Village,(one of those awful touristy kind of attractions that I hate) and had a bit of fun in the hat shop. It actually was surprisingly a good time. One of the most fun things about homeschooling is field trips!, career counseling. Yeah, that's it... While other kids are sitting in a classroom, listening to the teacher drone on, mine are playing with millnery.

Hello Major Tom...

O Hai, Internet. Can I join your club?

Elevator, ma'am? Going up or down?

It ain't over until...well, it ain't over

My audition for Monty Python is ready!

Life imitating art...Drama Queen, definitely

T, who figures pictures are worth 1000 words

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We interrupt this blog for Real Life

Currently my parents are visiting from out of state, with their gargantuan RV. That cost more than my HOUSE (and is pretty much nicer, too). So I am a bit busy until the weekend. But I promise I have some great posts that I will get up by then.

JNerd (seen here being Dad o da Year) is out of town for the weekend, so there is nothing much left for me to do but write. So stay tuned!

T, who misses time to sit and write

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

As long as she doesn't end up at the Derek Zoolander Center, we'll be fine

I have a confession. I am raising a fashion plate. I am not sure how it happened, I am a feminist. I mean, sure I shave my armpits, and tend the garden, and I looove sexy heels, there's that. But there is more to life than clothes. I fought this, tried to get her interested in other things. But, alas.

JBean is eight now. She has finally mastered the task of getting dressed on her own, and she has very obvious preferences about her clothes. It is a given she will grouse (read: throw a fit or just whine a lot) even if she chose it herself the night before. I have learned to pad the schedule and take valium drink be patient with her foibles. It is a given she will protest whatever she is first wearing the way that Christian from Project Runway will use "fierce" in at least one sentence of an interview.

She doesn't dress like girls her age (thank God for that…have you seen some of the clothes in the stores?) Many of them look styled for harlots-in-training. Once my oldest daughter asked who buys the clothes they sell in stores and I told her, "Blind people who hate you and Christian, from Project Runway." (and I win, that's two references to Christian in one post. Wonder what the prize for that is? And no, he is not a blog sponsor at all).

JBean's favorite outfits these days are little plaid skirts and matching tops in various colors, and she still loves her beloved Hannas, though it is time to replenish. She is very particular about what she will wear. It all has to match, along with accessories: a jeweled headband, pink and purple shell bracelet, rock star sunglasses. She cracks me up. Maybe she is an aspiring model. (did I mention her favorite food is salad? Can't be too many years before the cigarettes and booze show up, right?) Would you believe she was thinking she was fat? Where would she even get that idea?? Hmm, I wonder...

I hate the pressures on little girls these days. They are bombarded with crap marketing constantly, telling them who they are. Teaching them values that just might stay with them forever. It is important to be comfortable with who you are, and at 8, you are just learning who that is. She has a lot of growing to do, and who knows who she will be. In the meantime, I am making sure she learns to eat, feels good about herself and knows she is loved for who she is, not what she does or how she looks.

I asked her recently why she is so certain in how she dresses. Do other little girls dress like she does? She said, "No, it's just cute." Well, I wanted to know, did you learn it from the Disney Channel? She laughed at me, "No, mama. It's just cute." Well, what makes it cute? "I do, mama. I make it cute. I dress the way I want to, for me."

I think I may be doing something right.

T, who thinks she can be a model and a physicist, right?

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

So how do you become famous?

Apparently this video has 2.5 MILLION views on You Tube. And yeah, I found it funny. But the dad parlayed it into a URL and interviews. What am I doing wrong?

So if that's all it are some pics of my children, dancing. Bring on the Famous!

Come on now, mama needs some martinis and Christian Louboutins!

T, who is waiting for the interviews to roll in

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wiiii Google??

Quick! Where is the ONE place on earth where you wouldn't expect to have wi-fi issues? I'll wait.

Give up? How about Google, in Silicon Valley? Yep. I am here all weekend for a conference (it isn't my conference, I am just the warm body that JNerd volunteered to man (woman?) the desk and tell people where to go. apparently I am supremely adept at this...who knew? Since the conference is literally in ONE room, there isn't much for me to do. So I was doing the tweeting, tumbling, facebooking thing. And I have no internet access. This is frustrating.

Also, this place is locked up tighter than Fort Knox! Security at all doors, badges for everyone, restricted access and ONE room we can actually be in. What the hell are they doing here, discovering cold fusion? Lighten up, Google. You're a web-based computer company. You aren't protecting the Hope diamond.

I would have taken a picture, but would you believe no pictures or video is allowed on their campus? And since Google makes my panties wet world go around with gmail, blogger, maps and my G1? I best play by the rules with the good kids here. See Google? I can too play nice! Well, actually, there is nothing more to see here… you can move along now.

What? You want me to throw you a bone? Don't you realize how much I rely upon my G1?? But ok, I suppose it won't hurt… two words:

Lava Lamps Giant ones. (yeah, so that's more than two words, sue me. Google's Awesome cannot be contained in mere two word containers.

updated to add: coffee at Google is amazing, you grind your own beans. There is a machine that pours it for you, plus drip coffee, plus fresh-made espresso. I think I am going to move here. Wonder if the couches in the lobby are comfortable for sleeping?

T, who at least gets a short vacay from Responsibility

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