Sunday, June 01, 2008

Shhh! Don't Tell Anyone, It'll Be Our Secret

I have a confession. I am addicted to crayons. Yes, seriously. Some people buy drugs, or alcohol or mochas oh wait, that's me.. but I buy crayons. And not just any crayons, they must be Crayola crayons. I don't know what it is, but I just love the smell of those bright, waxy sticks. I love opening a new box and seeing them lined up with sharp points. As though they were just waiting for me. I adore the names of the crayons, and even their position in the box. I know where to find every color when I color- Oh, I didn't mention that? I have my own coloring books.. Currently, I have about four boxes of crayons, three that I haven't even opened yet. But my favorite box?

My favorite box was the special edition that came out after the contest winners named the colors. Contest winners came up with names like Mac n' Cheese, Timber Wolf, and Granny Smith Apple. I don't have that box anymore, though. It, along with my special edition state crayons perished in a heap of melted wax after the fire. I was almost as upset over their demise as I was over my iPuddle. Er, I mean iPOD.

I just love crayons. One of my favorite activities is to sit with my children and color. It calms me down. I also have some amazing coloring books by Dover, which I highly recommend. They are harder to color than the standard large lined fare designed for children. Still, aren't we all just kids at heart? We find something we love and that gives us joy...I think that might be the secret to life. Don't neglect the things you love, no matter how trivial they might seem. Take time to enjoy the small, quiet moments, whether they be snuggling a child or coloring with crayons.

I have always been fascinated by crayons, so I googled and found some interesting links. I absolutely love the Color+Design Blog, it is beautiful. The added bonus is the site lists ALL 120 Crayola colors with their hex colors! I also found The History of Crayola Crayons, with a lot of little-known facts, and when colors were introduced.

A funny story: At one point, I thought JBear was color blind. I would ask him what color something was and he would say some random name,"Brown", or "green" and the item would be neither. I was a bit concerned. Fast forward to Kindergarten and he said to his teacher one day, "Oh the sky is the most beautiful shade of cerulean blue today!" Come to find out, not only did he know his colors, he knew every one of the colors in the box of 96! I wonder where he learned that? Did I mention I am obsessed with crayons?

I do have one more confession, though. I don't share my crayons. My kids have their own. And when mine lose that razor sharp point, I pass them on to the kids, and buy new ones. Does that make me really frivolous?

T, who does share sometimes, but watches reaaaaally carefully

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Angie said...

Crayons. I can practically smell that new box from here! Love crayons. Love all office supplies, actually. Well, not that crayons are OFFICE supplies, but you get my point!

Jayne said...

Crayons are too office supplies! At least in my office they are. *grin*

Have you ever ordered a special pre-mixed box of Crayolas? You can get them on the website--whole boxes of just your favorite colors!

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