Monday, May 12, 2008

If I'm Not Here In a Week, You Know Why

Argh, this makes my blood boil! This is crazy. With Big Business horning its way into the Blogosphere (Blogoverse, Introverse, you figure out what you want to call it), I suppose this was inevitable. But it stinks that little guys with big sticks can bully others, simply because they have more money than you do. To get the poop, click here:

The Bloggess

And, in solidarity, I would take off my skirt, but I have kids, and that's not cool. (besides, can you imagine the expression on the face of my 14 yr old? Almost makes it worth it.) Said skirt, is, however, definitely in a bunch!

Also, go and check out these brave and loyal women, trying to make the Blogging World a better place! Kirtsy is a social networking site for blogging women. Check it out, see what the brouhaha is about.

T, who really hates bullying

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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

With or without your skirt, you rock.

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