Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This is how they did it in my day, youngster

That's right, we are doing it Old School. I remember when I was just a kid, and Pong came out. How excited we were! Games! That you could play on your television! In the old days, we had black and white games and they were sticks that hit a ball, and we liked it!

We have been telling the kids about it, and how games now are so much better. This weekend we took the kids on a trip down memory lane. We pulled out our Sega Genesis and the games we have, as well. We also pulled out the Atari and wiped the dust off of it all. Can I just say, that the memory of Atari was not as sweet as it was when I was a kid? My children were unimpressed with the lack of graphics and how difficult the controls were. Honestly, the games were pretty lame. Adventure, which was literally just a square that could carry a key around mazes. Whoopee. Games like Centipede and Missle Command have not stood the test of time. And the kids are finding the games were difficult, as well. And, while Pitfall looks fun, it is incredibly frustrating to play.

The Sega Genesis, however, fared a bit better. Despite incredulous looks when we announced that you can't save the games which for difficult multi-level games like Toe Jam and Earl is just ridiculous they liked the graphics. My son was a bit frustrated at how hard the old Sonic the Hedgehog was...and it really is, even more so than I remember. Another favorite was Ecco the Dolphin, kind of the Tai Chi of the game cartridge market. At the time, I would play the game and just enjoy the music and the ability to move around as a dolphin. The game play itself was hard. But the game experience was beautiful.

I have been trolling eBay and I am amazed at just how many cartridges there are out there for the Sega Genesis! And they cost next-to-nothing! Guess we will have some inexpensive fun this summer. And my kids can go back to their Nintendo DS portables actually appreciating what they have. Hey, that would be a good fringe benefit!

T, who can't believe we gave in

2 sent chocolate:

Glamorous Redneck said...

I'm so jealous that you still have your sega! My brother had one, but it crapped out a loooong time ago. I was just telling the Boy at my house about Sega and my favorite game on there, Boogerman! It was the funniest, most disgusting game that I've ever played. He's much jealous. LOL

TLC said...

glamorous:: I have never seen that game, and didn't run across it on eBay. I will have to do a search to find some screenshots. Now you have my curiousity piqued!

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